American Accent

From the 2004 “All Over This Town” album. “…A brilliant and witty evocation of growing up in 1960s Edinburgh, listening to Radio Luxembourg and wanting to be like Bob Dylan…”

Mississippi MacDonald

In 2004, Nick asked me to play guitar on the All Over This Town record – I was honoured to have the opportunity to do this and delighted to be able to spend time with him in the Studio. I had a brand new and shiny Candy Apple Red Nashville Telecaster which I used on two tracks, “All Over This Town”, and “American Accent”.  Of the time that I spent with Nick in London and Scotland, one of my favourite memories was that session, and particularly standing at the mixing desk and hearing the extraordinary and beautiful harmonies on “The Heart”, on the same record.

Nick was someone who I admired hugely – his warmth, humour and world class musicianship. It was wonderful to be with him and to learn from him and I think of him and listen to his music often.

After Nick passed, I wanted to record “American Accent” with my band. We put together a new arrangement – part acoustic to start with, and then with as much “electric gospel” as we could for the outro – horns, hammond organ, backing singers and of course, a Candy Apple Red electric guitar. I remember standing in the studio at the mixing desk playing the outro, and wishing that he could be there to hear it.

American Accent

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